If you run a permitted waste facility in England and Wales, you need to demonstrate that you employ technically competent people who are on site in person for a specified amount of time each week.  These people will have the knowledge and skills to ensure that your site complies with The Environmental Permitting Regulations (2007).

If you don’t have a competent person/people then we can either help you or your employees obtain the correct Level 4 WAMITAB qualification required to manage your waste site – or we can provide the Technical Cover for you.  This means that one of our assessors will spend the correct specified amount of time at your site weekly and provide a written report.

We can also provide Technical Cover whilst you or your employees undertake the Level 4 WAMITAB qualification with us.  We don’t double charge for this provision which means that we just charge for the Technical Cover time and you get assessments at no extra cost whilst our assessor is on your site.

We also provide a WAMITAB approved 1 day Continuing Competence course designed specifically to give Technically Competent People with underpinning knowledge and test practice to help them pass the test they must take every two years to demonstrate they have kept up to date with industry changes. (Course outline)