WAMITAB Validate Assessment Programme

Need to check that your workforce is:

  • working at a particular operative level?
  • working to company procedures?
  • complying with health and safety legislation?

Validate is a modular assessment programme for operatives in the waste management industry.  It is not a training course – it is a modular assessment programme that identifies and records the levels of skill and competence demonstrated by candidates as they carry out routine and non-routine waste management tasks.

It is based on industry standard operating procedures and national occupational standards, and provides a framework for assessment.

It is a flexible programme enabling employers and individuals to select the modules that are most relevant to their job role.  the modules can be taken individually or as part of a programme to demonstrate competence.  Each module is assessed by a competent individual using a combination of on-the-job observation and question and answer sessions.

Modules available:

  • Health &  Safety
  • Waste Collection Operations
  • Refuse Compaction Vehicle Operations
  • Green Waste Collection
  • Boxed Recycling Waste Collection
  • Clinical Waste Collection Operations
  • Skip Operations
  • Reversing Assistants
  • Roll On-Off Operations
  • Front End Loader Operations
  • Cage Tipper Operations
  • Top Loader Operations
  • Tail Lift Operations
  • Manual Street Cleansing Operations
  • Mechanical Street Cleansing Operations
  • Electrical Power Washers and Steam Cleaners
  • Graffiti Removal Operations
  • Gully Cleansing and Tanker Operations
  • Waste Collection Using a POD Vehicle
  • Hiab Lorry Mounted Crane Operations
  • Bulk Articulated Trailer Operations
  • Biological Spillage and Bio-contaminated Materials