Face to face training provision resumed – safely!

Our priority is the welfare of our staff and visitors, and so we have undertaken a comprehensive Covid-19 risk assessment and implemented a number of controls.  This is subject to change however, as we will be monitoring and reviewing the Covid-19 situation on a daily basis and making appropriate amendments.


We are confident that we can deliver face to face training safely in an environment that is in compliance with Government guidance.  We excel in this sort of training – believing that our delegates learn better in an interactive environment with our trainers and fellow delegates. Health and safety in particular is not just about what can be done in theory – but what really happens in practice, and sharing site experiences face to face really helps to understand this.


So if on-line training isn’t for you, please read our risk assessment for Merley House training and contact us to arrange the following:

We would also consider on-site training again should that be your preference.  We already have a Covid-19 risk assessment in place for site visits by our trainers and assessors, and would be happy to discuss this further if a safe training environment could be provided.

Face to face training provision risk assessment