Providing inspirational training and  consultancy in waste & resource management and health & safety.

Why choose Waste Wise


Between us we have over 300 years of experience in waste & resource management and health & safety.


We deliver the only CIWM/WAMITAB accredited Continuing Competence course in the country.


We can train at your site or at Merley House in Wimborne.


We are Chartered members of CIWM and approved trainers & assessors for CIWM/WAMITAB, City & Guilds, NOCN, CIWM, CIEM and IOSH.


We can provide training and qualifications to suit your needs.


We are highly recommended by our clients.

CIWM/WAMITAB Qualifications & Assessments

We are a long standing CIWM/WAMITAB centre – our origin is The South West Regional Assessment Centre established in 1996.

We pride ourselves on providing quality assessment and training, and  were honoured that this was recognised in 2019 when we were given a CIWM/WAMITAB Centre Award for Commitment to Excellence.

We deliver Levels 1 – 4 qualifications in the following areas:

Waste & resource management including recycling, reuse, supervisory, front-line environmental services, Level 4 Diploma in Systems & Operations Management and levels 2 & 3 Technical Certificate for the Waste Apprenticeship Framework – Principles of Sustainable Resource Management.
Primary Competence (low, medium and high risk)
Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

The way we assess these qualifications is as follows:


    We register candidates with CIWM/WAMITAB ourselves prior to starting any assessments. The registration fee is payable at the start of the process and further payments are requested after each visit. The registration fee also includes a one-day Environmental Legislation course and comprehensive course notes which provides excellent underpinning knowledge prior to starting the qualification and for the knowledge and understanding questions.

    We then conduct a pre-assessment meeting to discuss the entire qualification and units that you need to complete, so you get an understanding of what it is all about. We also do a training and experience action plan at this time to identify areas where you may have a gap in your knowledge and will need training/mentoring/support. Paperwork will be sent out to you prior to this.

    After this initial meeting, the duration of the qualification is candidate led and by that we mean that you as the candidate and the assessor agree the next date(s) to meet and the scope of work that needs to be covered over that period of time. Evidence can be gathered in a number of ways such as: assessor observations, videoing, question & answer sessions and product (paperwork) evidence. In between meetings, the assessor is always contactable to ask questions over the phone (or email) to provide you with support.
  • COST

    Costs can be cut down if you have done the amount of work mutually agreed by the time of the next assessment. Costs usually escalate if you tell the assessor that you have done the work, only for the assessor to find that you haven’t when they arrive on site or a virtual meeting! This can be avoided by speaking to the assessor to re-negotiate a different visit date by which the work is achievable. It’s all about flexible learning and we fit into your schedule and work commitments.

We have a candidate led, flexible approach that helps you work towards achieving your qualification by the following methods:

Skype, Zoom Conferencing or teleconferencing to chat through things or perhaps digitally recording your verbal answers rather than you having to provide written answers.
The assessor can be emailed knowledge and understanding question answers for them to comment, mark and provide feedback remotely.
Other product evidence can also be sent to the assessor such as EMS systems, policies and procedures, copies of transfer/consignment notes, story boards (e.g. writing the sequence of how waste is to be accepted into the site and how you expect to deal with non-conforming waste or other similar examples, emails showing how you’ve sorted out problems especially in obtaining the Site Permit (if you’ve been involved in this process) or when you’ve sought external help etc. So basically any paper evidence you would be including in your portfolio could be scanned and sent with supporting written descriptions describing what it is, what it’s for and how it relates to you and the assessment criteria.
Using WeTransfer or Dropbox (or even Whatsapp for videos) would facilitate larger file sizes being sent.

Need a hand?

Our level of expertise within the waste management industry is considerable, with people who have proven practical experience and expertise in almost every field of the industry.

What do you think?

We would like to help you by getting our hands dirty and understanding the full nature of your organisation before we get down to the professional part of what you might like us to do. We will provide succinct, down to earth reporting which will be of practical use or reference.

As always with Waste Wise, we will continue to operate our open and ethical business policy and to this end we will give you a clear price per assignment before we commence any work, so that you know your total commitment. Our pricing strategy will be fair, and we aim to provide a first-class service, with first class staff at prices which are reasonable. This pricing strategy has been adopted so that you will feel at ease in coming back to us for repeat business, and enable us to build a true rapport with you as our client.

To everyone, we offer a free 1-hour advice session to help with any of those niggling issues you may have.
Although by no means exhaustive the following are some ideas of what we think we may be able to undertake for you:
Preparing Environmental Management Systems
Planning / Permit Applications
General waste management advice
General waste audits
Healthcare waste audits
Clinical / hazardous waste planning / training
Packaging waste or WEEE compliance audits
Landfill monitoring
Health and Safety


  • Peter Thomas was brilliant; his guidance and knowledge were exceptional.  It has given me the qualification required by the Environment Agency to run my site. It has also given me a better understanding of the required legislation I need to perform my role more efficiently.

    David Gaydon

    Woodhorn Group
  • Thank you for all your support with our clients this year, we know that often HR and HS go hand in hand and can work positively together.
    All our clients that we have referred you to, always feedback that they find you approachable, helpful and not the a-typical Heath and Safety stereotype – which they like as often the myth that health and safety is there to just say no or you can’t do something.
    We particularly like that you empower them to work safely and take accountability for that.
    We will continue to refer you and thank you for added value it creates for us as an outsource provider.

    Tom Doherty

    HR Department
  • In January I attended the 4 day Managing Safely course at Merley House, Dorset. I am new to my post within a Local Authority and this subject was completely unknown to me. On my course was a mixture of people and businesses who were attending the course for different reasons. Judith was a natural enthusiastic trainer and clearly knew her subject. She ensured that the course covered all the attendees needs which were varied, as well as ensuring that I fully understood what was being spoken about. She ensured a happy balance and was able to recognise when things were getting a little bit heavy.
    The course was very relaxed and this made learning easier and more fun on a subject that could have been a lot harder to learn.
    At the end of the course we took the exam and completed a project and the good training and approach was proved by mine and other attendees results.
    Judith, thank you for making the 4 day course enjoyable and as easy as it could be. I look forward to the next course.

    Karen Standen

    New Forest District Council
  • Great course, well worth attending. This gives me great confidence in renewing my continuing competence

    Jay Deakin

  • Thanks for a very engaging day yesterday. Whilst you touched on the fact the topic might not be everyone’s cup of tea you made it entertaining, interesting and reminded us all that it’s not rocket science. Just apply common sense.
    Thanks once again

    Sally Stafford-Willis

    Lymington health and leisure
  • Thanks so much Judith, certainly would not have passed without your knowledge and training skills.

    Anne-Marie Brown

    Ringwood Health and Leisure
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