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Taken on a job role that involves managing colleagues dealing with waste & recycling or just been given the role to reduce your company’s waste?
Our consultancy services can undertake waste audits, planning applications, Permit applications etc. or if you’re in need of some general background information, then consider some of these courses below:

CIWM (WAMITAB) Qualifications

We are a long standing CIWM/WAMITAB centre.  We deliver Levels 1 – 4 qualifications in waste and resource management.  We have a candidate led flexible approach that helps you work towards achieving your qualification.
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1 day Environmental Legislation
and Waste Awareness

This provides the necessary underpinning knowledge for candidates undertaking the statutory level 4 qualifications to demonstrate technical competence for managing a waste facility. It is also suitable for candidates wishing to improve their knowledge and understanding of the waste and resource management industry.
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Continuing Competence

This course is designed to provide the necessary underpinning knowledge to enable existing Technically Competent managers to pass the Generic Knowledge Assessment and the chosen Option(s) test(s) under the CIWM/WAMITAB scheme for demonstrating Continuing Competence.
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1 day Waste Smart

Accredited by CIWM, this course provides a concise introduction to waste and resource management for those not directly involved with the industry. It not only helps to increase understanding of how and why waste should be managed efficiently but offers advice and guidance that will save money and aid regulatory compliance.
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1 day IOSH Working Safely

This is for people at any level, in any sector, needing a grounding in the essentials of health and safety. Everyone at work should understand why they must ‘work safely’ – and this course offers exactly that. Working safely isn’t supposed to turn delegates into safety experts. It focuses on why health and safety is important, and how individuals can make a real difference to the wellbeing of themselves and others through changing their behaviour.
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4 day IOSH Managing Safely

This is a course for managers in any sector and any organisation. It enables them to review their own departmental systems for safety including introducing new controls or implementing changes as appropriate to ensure safety in the workplace.
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1 day IOSH Managing Safely Refresher

This is designed to provide continued support to managers in dealing with health and safety issues in the workplace. Specifically, the course aims to revise key management responsibilities from the Managing Safely course, update relevant changes in relevant, good practice guidance, legislation and standards. Delegates must have completed a Managing Safely course previously.
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2 day IOSH Safety for Supervisors

Provides supervisors with the relevant knowledge and skills required to comply with their health and safety responsibilities specific to their job role.
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Other courses

Manual Handling Course OutlineAsbestos Awareness Course OutlineConstruction Regulations (CDM) Course Outline
We can help your company through training and support. Please get in contact if you cannot find what you are looking for. 
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